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Often mistaken on superficial readings as a Science Is Bad , the story actually deals with obsession and hubris; for modern readers, the story works as an allegory for the often-fatal obsession with cosmetic surgery. In the end, the monks assume that this is what has happened to the beautiful and saintly Brother Columbanus. In fact, Columbanus was a murderer, and after his Karmic Death Cadfael fakes his assumption into Heaven to stop the other monks asking awkward questions.

Invoked in A Brother's Price to explain why boy babies are so often stillborn. It is more likely to be due to environmental issues , but the characters have no idea and thus look for a supernatural explanation. His father takes it very hard. Roy Meritt from Daemon. She gets adult-onset asthma due to the ash in the air from volcanoes. She never stops believing that her parents are alive, despite Alex and Julie's warnings and prays for everyone.

One day, when the electricity comes back on, she goes down to their old basement apartment to write her parents a letter.

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As she is going back up, the power goes out and she dies in the elevator. Alex and Julie find her 3 days later. In Dragon Bones , this is averted with Ciarra. She's a Cute Mute , born that way, acts like twelve though she's sixteen, doesn't like shoes, is the only one who can see the family ghost, and is the go-to option gods use when they need to take over someone to talk to the protagonists.

Seems like she's in danger of becoming this trope, doesn't it? However, the longer she stays away from castle Hurog, with which something is seriously wrong the more she looks and acts her actual age of sixteen instead of twelve, and is in the middle of the novel seen being as much of a Little Miss Snarker as she can be, considering that she's mute. In Edith Pattou's East , the main character, Rose, was born to replace her dead older sister Elise, her mother's favorite child.

In one of the sections, Rose narrates: "Mother was always telling me about Elise — how good she was, how she always did as she was told, how she stayed close by, and what a great help she was to Mother in the kitchen. The words "clear" and "pure" are used to describe him more than once.

Turns out, he's the youngest of 12 knights destined to give their lives to help keep the Queen of the kingdom alive. You know the rest This turn is heavily foreshadowed by Eddings, who has his characters actually discuss Parasim with language like "He's too good for this world" and "God will probably call him home very soon. What's especially notable in that this reveals more about the other characters than Sir Parasim himself. As old professionals, they've seen the good ones die young often enough to recognize the signs. The Fallocaust series pulls this with Finn in Garden of Spiders.

He's specifically chosen to be Elish's sengil due to being sweet and kind and gets gunned down after refusing to abandon Elish during an assassination attempt as a reward.

Perfect Trilogy

The Fault in Our Stars : Augustus alludes to this, saying, "Like, are you familiar with the trope of the stoic and determined cancer victim who heroically fights her cancer with inhuman strength and never complains or stops smiling even at the very end, et cetera? But this was the truth Although not a child, he is a childlike Gentle Giant on death row for a crime he couldn't reasonably have committed, with magical healing powers and rather obvious Significant Monogram.

Even by Kindar standards, he is quiet, humble, and completely without a violent bone in his body. Snyder killed him off at the end of the trilogy The "twist" death of Willow in Jodi Picoult 's Handle with Care has strong overtones of this - several reviews have mentioned that the character was so wise and saintly that the story felt unrealistic. Harry Potter. They both die tragically due to Paris' injustices.

Prim in The Hunger Games. Another beloved, sweet, and innocent little sister , as well as a natural healer and Friend to All Living Things. In Death series: Poor Marlena Kolchek. She was beautiful, innocent and pure. Unfortunately, a gambling syndicate that Roarke was in a rivalry with kidnapped her, and performed a torture murder on her that involved breaking her kneecaps and raping her. When they were done, they left her body on Roarke and Summerset's doorsteps. Her father Summerset wanted them punished, but the Inspector who was called in was a Dirty Cop in the syndicate's pocket, and he made sure the investigation led to nowhere.

What a horrible thing to happen!

Mama says that she thought Patria was going to die at a young age because she was such a good child. But Helen still has time to impress on Jane the importance of dedication to God and trusting in her own conscience more than the love of others. Fantine is driven by her love for Tholomyes and later Cosette.

She lives in awful conditions and prostitutes herself to provide for Cosette, and eventually dies when she learns she won't get to see Cosette. Enjolras does not allow any vice to distract him from his fight against oppression. His beauty and courage in the face of certain death make enemy soldiers hesitate to kill him, but not for long.

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For perhaps the only time in history, we're going to argue that a Ridley Scott film is weaker than a Brett Ratner one. Johnny: Everyone betrayed me! Altogether now! You were kidding, right? Fun fact: While the series is based on one Disneyland ride, there's a reference to another in Dead Man's Chest: on their way to Tia Dalma's house, the crew sail past a shack identical to one in Disney World's Jungle Cruise.

Well, the narrative does not so much carry this trope as flamboyantly juggle it while singing the complete score to Handel's Messiah. Few works treat a little girl freezing to death as such an unequivocally wonderful thing. The innocent and sweet mermaid who sacrifices her undersea life for love ends up giving up the boy she loves and sacrificing herself instead.

However, the story makes it clear throughout that she doesn't have a soul — and upon her death, she is given a purgatorial afterlife where she might, with hard work and dedication, win a soul and go to heaven. Depressing, but not hopeless - which could well be the point. Simon from Lord of the Flies is the purest of the boys, who is senselessly murdered by the others.

Subverted, however, in that Ralph is the only one of the group who actually cares Simon was a full-fledged Christ figure. Seriously, there have been professional literary critics who've written essays on this very point. This trope is invoked, almost by name, and the young boy is described as being more handsome and more virtuous than anyone. So naturally, he had to die. In Odtaa , Carlotta de Leyva, who is Doomed by Canon to be dead by the end of the book, is a young woman of remarkable beauty and grace, loved by all who meet her.

Except the villains, of course.

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The book and movie Pay It Forward , where the little boy at the story's center is killed while performing his third and final good deed So many of the women from Edgar Allan Poe 's stories and poems. Poe himself wrote: "The death then of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world"-"The Philosophy of Composition" published Joshua in Sidney Sheldon 's Rage of Angels dies at the age of seven after a blow to the head during a vacation. He was not only a perfect little boy incredibly intelligent, good at sports, insightful, said the darndest things, etc.

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Jennifer sees his ultimate demise as karmic payback for, during the aforementioned trip, spending a night with his father Adam the boy was the product of an illicit affair. Played With in The Scarlet Letter : The congregation believes Dimmesdale's health is declining because God wants to take such a good man to his eternal reward, but the actual reason for his coming death is his inner torment over hiding an affair.

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In A Separate Peace , the main character Gene reflects on the death of his best friend Finny and comes to the conclusion that Finny had to die because he was too good-hearted to be able to live during a war. His offscreen death comes as a total shock later in the book. Naturally, Ned loses his head and ends up dead.

The characters in Orson Scott Card 's Speaker for the Dead speculate the pequeninos are ritually killing the humans that did them most good as an act of gratitude that will free them from a world of suffering and malice. In Spin after Wun Ngo Wen, the man from Mars , gets killed by highway bandits, people start to see him this way. He would probably have disapproved. Henry Darger 's Story of the Vivian Girls : The book includes a subplot about a turbulent, half-mad girl named Jenny, who is killed in a weather disaster, naturally at the very end of the story.

She lingers for a time, saying lovely Little Eva-like goodbyes to everyone. Her final words and the last words in the book are ''Oh, I see God! Six-year-old Jennie Anges, who is "already marked for heaven", snatches consecrated communion hosts out of a church tabernacle to protect them from enemy soldiers who would desecrate them. Naturally, she gets desecrated instead. John Grisham 's The Testament : Rachel Lane, a beautiful, saintly missionary and long-lost daughter of tycoon Troy Phelan, dies of dengue fever and malaria in the penultimate chapter. When the narrator first got the dog, he was sure it was so good and fragile it would die shortly That was right.