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The city was New York. The time was am. One could not see the sun. The season was fall.

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It was not snowing. Issue 4.

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The fluorescent light above us hummed. Filip Marinovich Uncle Dragon Remains. Bach's preludes were also varied, some akin to Baroque dances, others being two- and three-part contrapuntal works not unlike his inventions and sinfonias.

Bach also composed preludes to introduce each of his English Suites. The Well-Tempered Clavier influenced many composers in the coming centuries, some of whom wrote preludes in sets of 12 or 24, sometimes with the intention of utilizing all 24 major and minor keys as Bach had done. While other pianist-composers, including Muzio Clementi , Johann Nepomuk Hummel and Ignaz Moscheles , had previously published collections of preludes for the benefit of pianists unskilled at improvisatory preluding, Chopin's set renewed the genre.

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Chopin's set served as a model for other collections of 24 or 25 piano preludes in the major and minor keys, [3] including those by Charles-Valentin Alkan Op. Claude Debussy — wrote two books of impressionistic piano preludes which, unusually in this genre, carry descriptive titles.

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As well as a series of unattached piano preludes Op. Some avant-garde composers have also produced unattached preludes.

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