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Sellers then took control in a point slide that bounced at new support.

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However, the sell-off generated significant technical damage that may limit or reverse gains in the coming weeks. The Ottawa-based company came public on the U.

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Discuss how to flex and adapt your personal communication style to gain greater connection with others and reduce conflict. Again, choppy markets are not good or bad. The market doesn't care what you want, so you will find yourself banging your head up against the wall as your desire for significant gains are not possible because the volatility is not there. Pro Traders Edge. Join us for this lively panel discussion of association pros, and former Award Winners, as they discuss their communication platforms e-newsletters, websites and magazines and how their work has resulted in increased member engagement and satisfaction.

A February double bottom reversal at that level yielded a strong bounce that remounted the broken range in March. Hopeful buyers took firm control into the summer months, lifting the price back to range resistance , but that level continued to mark resistance until a January breakout. The subsequent advance reached the prior high in January , ahead of this week's breakout, which cleared the old high by more than 10 points. The stock carved a cup with high handle pattern between September and January , setting the stage for this week's breakout. It rolled into a distribution phase in June and tested the high in September, just ahead of a high-volume decline that dumped the indicator to the lowest low in more than a year.

Buying pressure since that time has failed to penetrate the midpoint of the downswing, generating a bearish divergence that could presage a failed breakout , trapping new shareholders. Technical Analysis Basic Education. This is not another theoretical book. It is written for the Board, CEO and Executives who are responsible for creating the company's future.

It is a hands-on book reflecting the practical insights of the author's own experiences conducting strategic planning. It includes process guidelines along with an organizational assessment tool to identify areas that an organization needs to work on to create strategic success.

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An additional 4 hours may be added by attending the EduTour. Visit www.

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Organizations often fail to reach their potential growth. The book identifies the hidden dilemmas and pitfalls of strategic planning. It creates awareness of the planning traps, so companies can create a breakout strategy. This is not another. Overcome Why Strategic Plans Fail, For a Breakout Strategy [Doug Treen] on commlithylchoa.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Organizations often fail to.

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Strategic Thinking. Operational Improvements. Member Experience. In this action oriented and participatory session, participants will be provided tools to better perform the strategic thinking process within their organization. Continue reading. Learning Outcomes: 1. Create a results-oriented mind set for strategic thinking with your team 2. Explain and use a process to create a quality customer experience for your members. This 2. What we need as a small staff association is not that different from multi staff associations; we just have less people to do the work.

Acquire risk management checklists 2.

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Gather examples of policies 3. Observe a strategic view of planning for unexpected transitions in staff. The second session will discuss virtual staff support, sub-contractor support, and connecting with other small staff associations and industry resources for information sharing.

Discover resources available to make daily operations more efficient and productive 2. Come to know good and bad experiences in support staff and how to learn from them 3. Disruptive thinking is a powerful tool.

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We do the same things, follow the same routines, and come up with many excuses to not make a change. Worse yet, we decide to make a change based on limited information and narrow insights. Understand why you need disruptive thinking and how it can impact your business, leadership, and life success.

Identify the important role disruption plays in the change process 2. Appreciate why disruption is always step one in the strategic thought 3. Incorporate disruptive thought in your own pattern of success. Strategic planning sometimes gets a bad rap.

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Learn who owns strategic thinking 2. Discuss how to develop strategic partners 3. Appreciate why strategic planning fails. Succession planning can be an emotional topic of discussion. It is difficult to plan the end of one thing and the beginning of another. However, succession planning can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Discover ways to follow through with succession planning and implementation to secure success. Identify who owns the Succession Plan 2. Identify why it matters to have one 3. Conference attendee dietary restrictions requests are becoming common place at events for Meeting Planners. What are some of the most common and not so common dietary needs?

How do you effectively communicate these dietary requirements from the Attendee to the Meeting Planner to the Convention Services Manager to the Banquets Manager and finally the Chef? Then what does the Chef and Kitchen staffs need to do to ensure the Attendee is provided with meals which fit their needs safely, satisfying and within the budget of the program? Join us for this Panel with all interested parties as we explore the communication sequence.

Explanation of what are the most common and not so common dietary restrictions and allergies 2. Identify ways Meeting Planners can collect attendees meal needs and meet those while staying within events budgets 3. Discuss the best means to communicate Attendee needs and the channels required. Sustainability has a much larger definition than you might think.

There are a number of practices you can adapt to lead a more purposeful and sustainable personal and professional life. Why Should I? Where do you start? What does that look like in other organizations? How can I find available resources to help me on this journey?