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May it be an even better one. I was so moved after the show, I gave my primary school classmate a big hug. The run ends on 31st August There are already sold-out shows.

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Go and watch. For a brief moment, Faith looks like a neurotypical young lady discussing the next youth ministry event, instead of a young woman with severe autism. Peaceful Saturdays, with no drama, are the best things ever. Mom cooked dinner with the help of my two younger brothers.

My wife had time to work on her hobby in the afternoon.

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Faith went for a walk with my mom just before dinner and her little cousins played in the playground. In the kitchen, as I scooped out the soup into the big bowl, I felt the absence of Sey Yi and felt a sharp pain in my heart. We will miss you dearly forever. After dinner, we had some birthday cake, and the adults had a sip of Yuzu wine and Nikka Followed by our favorite Chinese dating show where we all give our loud brutal assessments of the contestants.

My youngest brother, my sister-in-law, Joy and I lingered a little longer to keep my mom company for the night. As Joy and I walked home, talking about Instagram stuff, we saw the ice-cream man.

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Joy was very excited and we bought enough for the entire family. We were his last customers for the evening. It was a good day. But I spent it with my wife, who took the day off to be with me all day. After a visit to an Icebreaker merino wool store in Capitol, she treated me to a Japanese lunch at Hoshino, and even accompanied me to Funan, where I checked out gadgets and folding bicycles.

She knows the things I like. With the restraint of a year-old, I bought nothing.

source link Just look look see see only. And then later we had a last-minute invite to drinks and dinner with some old friends, talking about our kids because we are all already parents. It was a heady day. I started the morning cranky. As a year-old should be. But ended it sleepy.

As a year-old should be too. My Old Flower Eyes presbyopia are getting worse. Some of my hair is even white at the sides now, and due to be dyed.

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Morning Musings -Book One: A Captains Perspective (Volume 1) [Capt Renda Brumbeloe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As you read. See the Best Books of the Month Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new .

And my right shoulder hurts like heck. But I have the love of a good woman. I have lovely children. I have a big circle of great friends. My mother still nags me and scolds me but remembers my birthday. My brothers are merciless in their teasing. And I have the support of a great extended family. This is us walking past the hotel where we had our wedding dinner more than 22 years ago. I thought it was a fitting reminder of our union and my blessed life.

Soon after this, we were knee-deep in conversation and Shochu with good friends. Thanks be to God and thanks to all of my loved ones who have made my life a wonderful ride so far. The Wife and I took a day road trip from the south of Spain to the north, and back again. I reflected on my relationship with my soulmate on this trip.

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Return to Book Page. For an hour. Your Name. Share this project Done. Smith on July 31, at am. Rebuild Your Bones Mira Calton.

Read the full post and see more photographs at brown. Recently a friend shared a article from the papers entitled, "Price of wedding tables hits new high", talking about the rising costs of a wedding. Like my mom likes to say, "Give what you can afford. Why should friends and relatives finance their fancy wedding?

If guests and couples keep playing this one-upmanship game, hotels and restaurants can continue the price gouging.

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It's like an arms race, for the sake of face. And for the sake of the Instagram. Don't do it for the 'Gram. It is an important Big Day, that is true. But it is only the first day of the rest of your lives together. You will face many more challenges ahead, especially financially, and you shouldn't start your union with a big fat wedding bill. Save the dinner money. Go on a nice honeymoon. Start your marriage properly, without the crippling debt.

Photo above is the from our wedding more than 20 years ago. My wife looks better and better every day. Mezame: "Aiyah no need to get married lah.

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Just update FB relationship status can liao. Free some more. Even the remote still works. I powered the Panasonic with an old Sony Discman 4. And I wanted to listen to it. I know.

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Who still uses CD players anymore, right? Here are some CDs I dug out of the box to try. I have to say, CDs and their uncompressed songs still sound better than streaming tracks. Since everyone is sharing old versus new photos on Facebook, comparing their profile photos from ten years ago and their current ones, here are some of my photos. And that's me with Isaac and Joy, vs Seeing Joy's laughter as a toddler, cracks me up.

Seeing some of these photos brings a lump to my throat. I had forgotten I took those photos of Faith in hospital, her first of two major hospital stays. And we had to hospitalize her to put her on a drip. We took turns staying with her, and I pulled the night shifts. That canvas folding bed that cracked when you unfold it was my bed for days.

But somehow you forget the discomfort because you are more worried about your autistic firstborn and her ordeal sleeping in an alien environment. We are thankful for all the help we get from our families, especially mom, and my brothers Meng and Wai. It really does take a village. We are very blessed to have these three kids in our lives. They have given us much love, laughter and joy, and taught us how to have faith, and be better versions of ourselves.

We thank God for them every day. I share these photos, partly to share the silliness and fun that usually accompany my family vacations, but also to share the tiny miracles that happen on these trips.

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Note Faith posing for the photographs. She hardly ever does this. This time, she not only posed when we told her to, she held her poses for quite a long time. She looked like she really enjoyed the Upside Down Museum. You can see a silly smile on her face. But a year-old young lady with autism who pretended she was holding on to a chair for a photograph: that was like seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World to us.

So he grabbed his guitar, I grabbed a Sennheiser Memory Mic, and we recorded this in the bedroom, in our pajamas. We managed to record this, flaws and all, in just a few minutes.

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Have a blessed Christmas, everyone. And may you feel the warmth of home and the embrace of His love this Christmas Day. It has been a while since I posted about Faith, so I thought it would be good to share some recent photos. She is all of 17 years old now, and not the little girl that many of you may remember her.