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While she adored him as Mary did, this adoration was not overwhelming. She became a loving wife, business confidant, and home executive, all the while boosting Edison and his burgeoning reputation and public acclaim. She handled his very busy social calendar, dinner parties, and public relations so he could remain doing what he did best…..

Many nights would pass with Edison spending long hours at the lab or personally supervising critical work at job sites.

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There were also Orville Wright, Charles Lindbergh, and variety of others, including famed musical artists that Edison had recorded on his phonograph records. Against this backdrop of fame and notoriety, Mina entertained, brought up her children, managed the large estate, and carved out a meaningful life of her own.

Mina became a potent force for the conservation movement then picking up momentum. The rapid growth of cities and their encroachment on pristine areas was a major concern.

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She was also an avid bird watcher and horticulturalist. Today still, the air around Glenmont is very much alive with the smells and aromas of blooming plants and trees. Mina also gave of her talents to the surrounding communities, working tirelessly on various social, educational, religious, and community causes for the benefits of citizens great and small.

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Her philanthropy was well-known. She had a most beautiful philosophy about education, maintaining that only through a traditional and classic liberal education do we make citizens ready for the wonderful democracy that we enjoy.


There with Bishop Vincent of Akron, Ohio, her father Lewis Miller established a religious retreat that emphasized worldly learning and fostered continued learning to better understand people and ideas. Every summer in August for most of her life, Mina retreated to the bucolic splendor of this lakeside oasis for mental and spiritual rejuvenation. In the big world of new ideas and creative thinking, she and Thomas were in perfect harmony. Lovely Glenmont is a warm home, filled with books and opportunities for learning. Today, Chautauqua remains a place of learning and understanding, whether for religious or other purposes.

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It is a name that describes both a philosophy and a geographical location. There was a lovely partnership in the Thomas-Mina marriage, even if Thomas was often away from home for days at a time.

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She came to understand his greatness and to share him with the world. She shielded him from the distractions, and annoyances that could sap his creative energies. In the large upstairs living room of Glenmont, sit two desks, one for Thomas and the other for Mina, signifying that both worked hard and in close proximity.

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Like the invention process going on at the Edison labs every day, their marriage was a partnership, of mutual respect, purpose, and love. Had she not provided such a nurturing environment for creative Thomas to dwell within, we may not have enjoyed or been delayed in realizing many of the advances that he achieved. You can check her out on Instagram , on her website or on Tumblr.

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Mina Magnificent, the heroine of the Market Town, and most ferocious trash picker to ever live. Mina is fearless, unstoppable, and has smile enough to charm anyone. Mina Magnus, she's just a simple girl, or so she thinks. She helps her father, a. Mina Magnificent - Kindle edition by Michael Mounts. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

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