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Ecological Economics
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Foliar spot spray is applied in the middle of each tree row using an all-terrain vehicle. This page has been accessed 13, times. The integration of the two may imply the need for a qualitative approach. Land acquisition through inheritance and rentals are however common among the peripheral communities. Several schemes have been constructed to value ecosystem services.

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What is ecological economics?

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Sustainability science 19, — Chan, K. Rethinking ecosystem services to better address and navigate cultural values. Daly, H.

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Ecological Economics 22, — Georgescu-Roegen, N. The Entropy Law and the Economic Process. Economic valuation and the commodification of ecosystem services. Gsottbauer, E. Towards a fair, constructive and consistent criticism of all valuation languages: Comment on Kallis et al. Kallis, G. To value or not to value? That is not the question. Kenter, J. What are shared and social values of ecosystems?

2. Terms, analysis, conception of economy

The three interrelated goals of. Elements of Ecological Economics provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of ecological economics, an interdisciplinary project trying to give answers to the problems related to the overexploitation of the earth’s resources today.

Lo, A. Deliberative Monetary Valuation: In search of a democratic and value plural approach to environmental policy. Journal of Economic Surveys 27, — Handbook of ecological economics. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, — Rezai, A. Ecological macroeconomics: Introduction and review.

1. Core elements

Ring, I. A safe operating space for humanity. Nature , — Trends in the development of ecological economics from the late s to the early s. Spash, C. The shallow or the deep ecological economics movement? Vatn, A.

Environment and Element of Ecology

What ecological economics needs to advance. Ecological economics: the science and management of sustainability Costanza, Robert Year of publication: Columbia University Press. Year of publication: Routledge. Year of publication: Edward Elgar. It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.

Home Orientation Ecological Economics. Ecological Economics. Irene Ring 1. Core elements The core idea of ecological economics is that human economic activity is bound by absolute limits. These are: environmental problems as the critical challenge faced by modern societies; a strong focus on sustainability; pluralism of methods, values etc.

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Terms, analysis, conception of economy Ecological economics conceives of the economy as an open system embedded in the larger systems of society and the biosphere. Epistemology Ecological economics is based on a post-normal understanding of science. The following are key assumptions of the epistemology of ecological economics: The relationships between socio-economic and ecological systems are complex and there are many uncertainties involved.

We face uncertainty or even ignorance regarding relevant processes and interactions in both systems, so empirical, context-related approaches are employed.

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Uncertainty, myopia and other externalities strongly reduce the informational usefulness of market prices. Values are contested, pluralistic and potentially incommensurable, which necessitates active engagement of science with stakeholders, i. Methodology Since ecological economics is explicitly interdisciplinary in its general approach, it draws upon a large and diverse set of methods. Ideology and political goals Ecological economics has a clear normative goal: the achievement of sustainability.

Current debates and analyses A recurring debate within ecological economics discusses its methodological and conceptual proximity to neoclassical environmental and resource economics. Delineation: subschools, other economic theories, and other disciplines Being an explicitly interdisciplinarity-oriented school, ecological economics has more or less active collaborations with numerous disciplines, schools and movements. Delineation from the mainstream The boundary between ecological economics and neoclassical environmental and resource economics is fluent and hotly debated.

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Exploring Economics. Who cares? A convergence of feminist economics Jannis Eicker, Katharina Keil. Ann-Christin Abbenhaus; Nadia Towards a socio-ecological macroeconomics. Sigrid Stagl.