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How Bilingualism Can Change Your Life for the Better
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Gradually increasing the number of words used, in a short period of time children can communicate using the knowledge acquired in the target language. Researches show that bilingual children develop better skills in cognitive areas.

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They generally do better in solving problems, verbalizing, conceptualizing and thinking globally. OK, not exactly scientific proof, but interesting nonetheless!

How Bilingual Brains Perceive Time Differently

So based on those 10 great reasons to learn a second language, why not download and try the Unuhi App for free on iOS and Android and start reading bilingual books to your children today. Having travelled extensively, it was his vision to bring bilingual books to everyone, no matter what languages they speak.

A Case Study of Singapore

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Benefits of being bilingual. Fortunately more and more people of all ages and backgrounds are learning languages today. In fact more than half. The many advantages of living a life in more than one language. If you're learning English as a second language, you're probably already half way to being.

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Benefits of raising your kids bilingual

Here are 10 benefits of being bilingual: 1. Increase brain power. It can give children an academic advantage. Increase awareness of other cultures.

Make travel easier and more enjoyable. Improve competitiveness in the job market. Find it easier to learn a third language. It improves your social skills Speaking a second language immediately opens you to new social opportunities, allowing you to communicate and connect with speakers of your second language whether it be within your own region, or when travelling.

As well as learning particular idiosyncrasies of a language, you learn its particular social traditions, which are often tied to the way the language functions. Practicing your exposure to increased linguistic and cultural diversity, and getting to know people in other languages, can improve your perception, listening and ability to make friends — and take the leap in those awkward situations.

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It widens your social circle This is an obvious one. Speaking another language immediately increases the number of people you can build relationships with — quite simply through the power of communication.

Speaking multiple languages makes you more rational

It increases your job prospects Being able to speak another language also opens you up to new job opportunities. Obvious ones might be those which involve travel, translation — or even permanent relocation.

Speaking multiple languages makes you more rational

Yet in the marketplace — where cross-cultural business is on the increase — being able to speak another language can put you ahead of your rivals even in your home town. Being able to communicate with foreign clients or customers is considered a big advantage at the moment, with jobs markets all over the world showing themselves to be particularly competitive — and very global.

Being bilingual has its perks sometimes, especially in the workplace.