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Candrice Jones is the author of two full-length plays, Crackbaby nominated for Wendy Wasserstein Prize and Jump at the Sun as well as several short plays. Currently she is developing the play, We Got Next, a play that focuses on high school girls' basketball during the initiation of the WNBA. Plays Counter-Curse by Candrice Jones.


Online dating has become a way to find love. Or, has it become a way to track down your father's ex-lover's son? In this play of catfish, Elise, a something seeks revenge. But, will an old wive's tale come back to hunt her in the best way possible? According to the transit agency, the signs are intended as deterrents rather than strictly enforced rules.

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This isn't the first time BART has tried to tackle its challenges with signs. In , the transit agency debuted colorful posters on its elevators, which read, "I'm not a bathroom. The cleanliness, safety, and security of its bathrooms have been long-standing issues for BART. Eventually, above-ground stations were reopened for public use.

Although the now-open public bathrooms may provide some relief to passengers on a long commute, the restrooms are still far from perfect.

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According to the same KPIX 5 article , many passengers said they would not use the bathrooms even with the new signs, citing poor conditions. BART debuts 10 minute max bathroom signs. But will it actually curb drug use? New bright orange signs are appearing on the doors of bathrooms at BART stations.

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This is Maya and this drama is his story. From one puff to a life wasted in this short one act drama about drugs. Maya from Madurai is an Indian play written by Naren Weiss. The play explores the life and death of a drug dealer, and marked the directorial debut of actress Pooja Devariya. Three days before script submission, director Devariya called former classmate Weiss and asked him to write something, describing what she had in mind.

South Indian theatre troupe Stray Factory took the one act play to six Indian cities, with four other short plays.

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The original production starred Venkatesh Harinathan, who also translated the play. Set: There are four blocks set up to form two benches parallel to each other. They face the wings so that the audience can see the space between the two benches. They remain in this position for the entire duration of the play. Tribute to Mother Mangalam — a Malaysian screenplay about the coming of age of a girl Why Affairs happen — Bollywood style play about love in one act.

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In this ten minute American play, Johnny attempts to rehabilitate Mikey so that he can snap out of it and use his God-given hands to enjoy a meal meant to be relished the only way it can according to Johnny. Although the years have passed, Doug has always retained a passion for Judy, his old high school flame. Who knows what could happen? Or do! Ten minute comedy play script about an old flame.

Down by the River — ten minute comedy script Matter Matters — ten minute comedy set on a biplane Yoo Hoo, Mister Solomon — romantic comedy for an older couple. What if you then went for a walk in the park? On a bench a Wanderer jovially sits with a tattered book in this twenty minute play.

You sit down. You talk about love, family, life, and what it means to have a conversation that matters.

Three strangers encounter the Wanderer. Burdened by their respective circumstances, each Stranger shares their time and woes with the Wanderer, hoping to move forward. The wanderer asks only for a flower for their press from each stranger in return. Will we ever find out why the Wanderer helps these people?

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Perhaps not. Other plays by Ash Crestfelt — Someone to Remember — a one act teen drama. Am I good? One act comedy script for 1 teen and two adults Home — romantic drama for two actors Mateo Falcone — classic tragedy in one act. Driven by the same intent they had with old Scrooge, the spirits help them to become better fellows and to keep Christmas in the most generous and honest way there is in this modern Scrooge play. Short Christmas Skits.

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In this ten minute comedy for three actors, young Eve, who has been working in the same position for the past few years mostly on her back, but some clients do like a bit of variety plucks up courage and asks for a promotion from her boss. Although Eve finds this hard to swallow, she hardens her resolve, puts her head down and insists that he pay his dues. A fun comedy that alludes to what the nature of the business is without ever saying so in so many words.

Read about playwright George Freek.

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Other plays — Lovely to Look at — comedy about community theatre by George. Clown Car — a whodunit. For Heely it is everything. Evidence that their childhood adventures together were as real as the fireflies Heely wants to spend forever after catching, with Shyne at her side… and their dog — as it should be.

So is the one act drama about love between two women telling the story of Shyne and Heely, called Jars. It is an act of passion, torment and mostly, of hope. Carmilla — classic vampire tale of love between two women Suprises — short one act drama for two women Juan and Emmett — tragic gay love story. Pity that Alice ignored the phone when it rang earlier… Read the prequel to this play — Blind Date!